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Mosman Daily 1 June,2017

Mosman Daily 16 February, 2017


It's easy to make excuses in wintertime and however tempting may be the idea of sleeping in, staying indoors or snuggling up on the couch, try not to avoid your yoga class. The gentle movement in yoga will enhance circulation thereby helping you keep warm. Yoga involves poses and sequences that revitalise and nourish the body. They bring movement to the bones and joints which can help prevent stiffness and rigidity in joints, a common occurrence in winter.

Come winter and behind it follow cold, cough, viral fever and the like. Regular yoga practice helps strengthen body immunity so that you can keep the bacteria at bay thereby promoting good health and vitality. It's normal to feel more sluggish and slower in winter because of the extra energy your body is using to stay warm. Yoga relaxes and brings a calmness to the body which gives you the resilience to face whatever woes winter may bring.

Yoga involves breathing exercises (pranayama) and practicing these helps to open the chest, clear chest congestion, which is so common during winter thereby preventing the common cold, enhancing healing and boosting immunity and wellbeing. It also improves digestion by stimulating the internal body systems, which can slow down in winter.

The dull, gloomy weather outside automatically casts its shadow on us and for no reason, we tend to feel low and lethargic. Yoga involves mindfulness and meditation which slows down the mind and can act like an instant mood changer - you will always feel better after your class!

Yoga has gentle peaceful sequences that help you gain flexibility, improve sleep and dissolve away stress leaving you with an overall feeling of wellness and contentment. It can help you beat those winter blues by reducing fatigue, improving productivity and leaving you feeling focused and alert.

Winter just seems to give an excuse to gorge on countless delicacies - both sweet and savoury. However, don't let it become an excuse to put on weight this winter. Eat whatever you like but make sure to keep up with your yoga practice as the postures and stretches will help reduce weight, build strength and body shape whilst also toning the internal organs.

Bernadette O'Donnell teaches Yoga for over 50s

Is This The Year Your Book Gets Written?

Zena Shapter

Join Zena Shapter, a Ditmar award-winning author, creative writing tutor and mentor, freelance editor, copywriter and social media consultant. (Phew!) And release your inner book! Zena has won eleven national writing competitions and is published in magazines such as "Midnight Echo" and anthologies such as "Award-Winning Australian Writing" (twice!). She writes from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud, creating what-if worlds, thought experiments, and close-to-reality books of the unexplained. Zena also had some magic left to found and lead the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers' Group. Across the whole year allow Zena to guide you through the task of planning, writing and developing a full-length book. Practical writing exercises will keep you motivated along your journey until you understand what will make your story work. Explore genre, character, point of view, conflict, voice, setting, dialogue, structure and self-editing. Get critical feedback on your writing to ensure you're going in the right direction, support and encouragement from peers to put self-doubt to rest, and the expertise of a professional tutor. Challenge yourself and make this the year you finally write your book! This year-long course includes 11 group meetings and 10 hours one on one mentoring across the year.

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