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Course ID 40142
Price $160.00 (GST included)
Status Module is finished.
Location 8 Gladstone Ave Mosman
Tutor Mel Martin
Sessions 4 sessions of 2 hours
Start date Sunday, 22 October 2017
Finish date Sunday, 12 November 2017
Time 9.00am - 11.00am

Australians are showing a resurgence of interest in knitting recently. Have you caught the urge to knit yet? Here is an introduction to this craft that can take you from an utter lack knitting knowledge to becoming an advanced beginner in four weeks. It is also a great class if you are returning to knitting after a long break. In Week One you will become comfortable working with yarn and circular needles, learn a bit about the history of knitting, and learn to execute basic knit and purl stitches as well as to cast on and bind off in a small swatch before starting a sampler scarf. The Sampler Scarf teaches you to manipulate this basic knowledge to create 10 increasingly challenging stitch patterns including cables and working from a graph. As in learning anything new, the first week will be demanding, but by the end of this 4-week course you will have accomplished skills that can lead you to life-long knitting. There will be homework every week that will help your scarf grow. Along the way you will come to know the health benefits of knitting an added bonus to help us relax in this otherwise hectic world!


Fee includes a basic kit to start off with.
Additional materials will be discussed

Waiting List

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About the presenter

Mary Ellen (aka Mel) was born and lived in the US until 2 years ago when she came to live in Australia near her daughter and grand-daughter. She grew up in Ohio and Massachusetts but discovered beautiful mountainous Vermont in northern New England when she went to university there. Studying literature and art history, she later became a teacher (teaching at all levels from kindergarten through college and later specialized in reading skills and special education). Mel lived 31 years in northern Vermont not far from the Canadian border. When she retired she moved to the mountains of western Maryland where she had a knitting shop for 13 years and taught literally hundreds of women - and some men - to enjoy knitting as a craft and art form. She now knits infant wear to sell at local markets and is pleased to be building her reputation as a knitting teacher in Australia.

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