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3. LANGUAGES » Spanish

SPANISH A1 Beginners 2

Course ID 31561
Price $295.00 (GST included)
Status Module is finished.
Location Mosman High School
Tutor Carolina Delfino
Sessions 8 sessions of 2 hours
Start date Tuesday, 07 August 2018
Finish date Tuesday, 02 October 2018
Time 7.00pm - 9.00pm

For people who completed a term or equivalent of Spanish tuition.


Textbook to be discussed in the first class.

About the presenter

Carolina Delfino is a Spanish native speaker. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in the surburbs next to the famous Argentine football club Boca Juniors. She studied at The International House in Buenos Aires, where she got a certificate to teach Spanish to foreigners. Carolina imigrated to Australia in 2010.

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