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Course ID 31112
Price $90.00 (GST included)
Status Module is finished.
Location Club Willoughby- 26 Crabbes Ave, Willoug
Tutor Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance
Sessions 8 sessions of 1.25 hours
Start date Thursday, 02 August 2018
Finish date Thursday, 20 September 2018
Time 7.30pm - 9.45pm

Dance Like The Stars. Ceroc is great fun, really easy to learn, a fantastic way to keep fit and an incredibly social activity done to a wide range of music from swing/blues to popular and modern chart hits! With just a few lessons under your belt you'll be dancing the night away and impressing your friends. Wear shoes with leather, suede or plastic soles and comfortable casual clothing.

The format for the evening is as follows:
- Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
- Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.45pm
- Beginner Progression class 8.45pm to 9.45pm
- Extended social dancing time from 9.30pm to 11pm.

At the conclusion of both classes the students are more than welcome to stay for part or all of the social dancing if they choose.

Learn directly from the creators of the “Ceroc” dance style in Australia and join the current trend towards partner dancing across Australia with probably the easiest dance style you’ll ever learn! Min age is 18 years.

Please note: Students are encouraged to rotate amongst different partners and Students in the beginner class will be at various levels and not all commencing in the same course week.


Wear shoes with leather, suede or plastic soles and comfortable casual clothing.

After class the students are welcome to stay for part or all of the social dancing if they choose.

About the presenter

Julie Gunn is the Owner and Director of Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company in Sydney, and is well known on the dance scene as one of the best Ceroc teachers in Australia. During this course your instructor will either be Julie or one of her equally talented employees. Julie ensures that all of her instructors are of the same high calibre as she is. With her 17 years of experience teaching Ceroc across every state in Australia and in the UK, as well as her 39 times on the championship podium, plus countless public performances, teaching and choreography assignments, Julie has a wealth of talent and experience that she loves to share with all who learn from her. Julie has been dancing since the age of 8, and even though Ceroc is her passion, she has danced many different styles over the years including Ballroom, Latin, Jazz, Funk, Lindy Hop, Salsa, and West Coast Swing. She is a talented teacher, choreographer and performer, highly respected for her patient and detailed instruction for beginners, as well as her styling advice and accurate instruction of more technical moves for more advanced dancers. Together with all of that, Julie has an incredible talent for making the learning environment fun, and has brought happiness to many people's lives when they experience the joy of Ceroc at her classes.

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