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Course ID 21742
Price $80.00 (GST included)
Status Module is finished.
Location 2/696 Military Road, Mosman
Tutor Jacqueline Hofste
Sessions 1 session of 4 hours
Start date Saturday, 26 May 2018
Finish date Saturday, 26 May 2018
Time 1.00pm - 5.00pm

All successful people have made use of their intuition to develop their craft and influence whether it is in music, science or business. Intuition is a skill everyone has, but not everyone knows how to access and develop it. In this course you can learn how to develop your intuitive sense and make better use of it in your life. You will learn various methods to tap into your intuition.

1. What is intuition?
benefits of intuitive guidance

2. How to identify intuition?
different levels of intuition
what is intuition and the mind talking

3. Methods and exercises to develop intuition
various exercises and methods that appeal to
people’s preferences and their different life styles

4. Why intuition sometimes goes unnoticed
breaking the spell of avoiding intuitive guidance

5. How to integrate intuitive guidance into your life
balancing intuition and logic
paradoxical relationship to our own power

Increase your awareness
Generate new ideas faster
Develop more confidence and stamina to pursue goals
Connect more deeply to your passion and purpose
Become more efficient and get more done, faster and with less energy


Fee includes all materials

About the presenter

Jacqueline Hofste
Jacqueline Hofste

Jacqueline is innovative, intuitive and has a vast capacity to expand the concepts of the mind to gain new insights. At the age of six years she was able to train herself to overcome a phobia and as a young teenager she helped other students to overcome their mental blockages so they achieved unexpected results ... and that is how it all started. Jacqueline's birth country is Germany where she completed her master's degree in Physics and where she worked in research. Her adventurous side led her to migrate to Australia where she enjoyed a career in business travelling the world. She worked for the high tech companies in strategic leadership roles and was responsible for global transformation projects, mentoring programs and team development across several countries.

Jacqueline has studied the energy body based on the ancient Indian Samvahan method. She used this technique to develop her intuitive sense to a level that allows to open a connection through to the unconscious to gain powerful insights and innovative ideas that are usually not accessible. Jacqueline's work is transformational and touches deep into the purpose of life.

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