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Course ID 10212X
Price $1,500.00 (GST included)
Status Places are available.
Location Mosman High School
Tutor Zena Shapter
Sessions 11 sessions of 2 hours
Start date Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Finish date Tuesday, 05 December 2017
Time 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Writing a book is an enormous undertaking. Don't do it alone!

This year-long course will lead you through the task of planning, writing and developing a full-length book. Practical writing exercises and guidance will keep you motivated along your journey until you understand what will make your story work. Explore genre, themes, character, point of view, conflict, voice, setting, dialogue, structure, self-editing, pacing and worldbuilding.

Get critical feedback on your writing, support and encouragement from peers, and the expertise of a professional tutor.

Challenge yourself and make this the year you finally write your book!

11 x 2hr classes + 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring (5 hours to be used in the first half of the year; 5 hours to be use in the subsequent half)

* Tuesday 21 February 2017
* Tuesday 7 March 2017
* Tuesday 4 April 2017
* Tuesday 2 May 2017
* Tuesday 6 June 2017
* Tuesday 27 June 2017
* Tuesday 1 August 2017
* Tuesday 5 September 2017
* Tuesday 10 October 2017
* Wednesday 8 November 2017
* Tuesday 5 December 2017

Student Feedback

“Twenty-five years ago, I wrote my first book and submitted it to five London publishers, complete with a marketing promotion proposal After completing Zena’s excellent writing course, I understand it lacked both drama and good structure. She gave me the structure and skills to craft a new book that I yearned to complete. Zena is an excellent guide who is experienced in giving budding writers the structure, skills and challenges to complete the book lurking in their being. Such is my enthusiasm that I have another two books planned after this trilogy, with a target to becoming a published professional author.” Stephen

“The course provided a clear pathway to writing my novel, the practical, easily understood writing tips, which every writer can apply to whatever works they choose, were excellent.” Peter

“Zena was also able to handle writers at different stages of their work in the one class, which meant that all of us could benefit from the one class." Claire

The ten hours of one-on-one mentoring is especially valuable for students.

“It meant Zena could then concentrate on our individual work, She is a discerning woman with a great memory, a quick wit and a way of writing that can get round problems. She is good at ordering your thoughts so that you can order your work!” Claire

About the presenter

Zena Shapter is a Ditmar award-winning author, creative writing tutor and mentor, freelance editor, copywriter and social media consultant. She has won ten national writing competitions and is published in magazines such as "Midnight Echo" and anthologies such as "Award-Winning Australian Writing". She writes close-to-reality books of the unexplained and adventures that get you thinking. She also founded and leads the widely attended Northern Beaches Writers' Group, whose collaborative writing has also won multiple awards. Read her through the links on her website at


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