Mosman Community College



Frenchy Cruising!

Immerse yourself in the French language while
enjoying a little piece of France in the Pacific!

P&O Cruise departs Sydney 13th April for Ten Nights


Focus: conversation and survival skills to enjoy your holiday in a French speaking country. Experience the French way of life with Dr Olivia de Bergerac.

Total Immersion Program

  • French language classes and activities every day on board the ship
  • French activities at each port
  • One to one session with the teacher over the ten days
  • French Language spoken at breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • One workbook about New Caledonia, Noumea, shopping, restaurants, cooking, films.
  • French dreams at night
For more details or to book:
For French Immersion
Mosman Community College
9968 4000
Language Immersion Program - CLICK HERE

For Cruise details and bookings:
P&O Ship "Pacific Explorer"

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